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National Signing Day: Mark Stickford

A kid from Indiana gets his dream offer to come to West Lafayette to play and study engineering.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A couple years ago, many didn’t think Strickford would be a division 1 player. He was a back up tight end, rarely playing at all. Then he continued to grow and made the switch to protecting his Quarterback’s blind side.

Does this sound familiar? Matt Light was an incoming tight end converted left tackle when he came to Purdue, then that lead to a decade in the NFL. If Strickford’s ceiling is that high, we will be solid across the front 5.

Strickford thrived at left tackle. Growing to be 6’6” and currently at 260 pounds. Is he still thin? Absolutely, but he has the frame to where he can put on 30 more pounds and be mobile for Brohm’s offense. Brohm’s offense calls for lineman that are athletic, quick and have a high stamina. Strickford fits the bill.

If you live in Indiana, you have heard of the power house of Carmel High School. They regularly win state championships and have well over 5,000 kids attending school there. My senior year in high school they actually bounced us out in round 1.

On his HUDL highlights, you can see Strickford get up to the second level and put linebackers on their backs. Let’s welcome Mark to the Boilermaker football family and the college of engineering!