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National Signing Day: Darius Pittman

A big bodied wide out is coming to Purdue after being previously committed to Western Kentucky under Coach Brohm.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Is Darius Pittman going to be similar to DeAngelo Yancey? We can only hope he is as productive. His frame is very similar. At 6’3” 228 pounds, he is a little bit heavier than Yancey ever was, but is a fair comparison.

Neither have blazing speed, but are both possession type guys. Pittman is so big, that many non P5 schools were wanting him to come play Tight end, that was never in his plans.

From what I have read, he wants to be a threat on the outside, not blocking for Markell Jones up the middle. That is nothing against the kid, I would rather be a playmaker on the outside than blocking the middle too.

Brohm is confident in the kid, he was committed to Western Kentucky when Coach was still there. One of his first moves was to get Pittman to commit to Purdue. We are thin at wide receiver, Pittman will figuratively and literally help it add some bulk.

On his HUDL, highlights, you can see him pull away from defenders, make possession type catches and make great blocks. Welcome to the family, Darius, we are looking forward to you making an impact in West Lafayette!