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National Signing Day: Nick Sipe

Let’s welcome the California kid to the freezing cold of West Lafayette!

Name: Nick Sipe

Position: Quarterback

Rivals Ranking: 3* - #74 in state of California

Summary: Sipe is a dream type QB for Purdue in my opinion. A nice 6’4 200 pound pro style QB. He can sling the ball all over the field and his highlights back that up. He is coming all the way across the country to be a part of the Cradle of Quarterbacks. If he wanted to stay closer to home he could have signed with Boise State, Colorado State or Wyoming. In my opinion, we are the best offer he has. He might be a recruit that some of the colleges out in California are overlooking. I hope that we can play a California school in a bowl game whenever he becomes a starter and let him roast them up.

In high school, his numbers were pretty eye popping. His senior year, he threw for 2,900 yards with 29 touchdowns to only 9 interceptions. Those are pretty good numbers for a high school kid. You can see his highlights below with that big arm. I would assume that Coach Brohm is loving this kid coming in.

Welcome to West Lafayette, Nick!