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National Signing Day: Griffin Alstott

Let us welcome a legend’s son to the team.

Name: Griffin Alstott

Position: Quarterback

Rivals Ranking: 2*

Summary: It’s always nice to get the son of a legend. We all know of Mike Alstott. Griffin, well, he is a little bit different. For starters, he plays quarterback, not running back. He isn’t nearly as big either. Coach Brohm knows what he is going to get from Griffin. A hard working, intelligent, student of the game, you can never have enough of those types of players on the team.

Will Griffin stay at QB? Time will tell, there is a log jam at the spot. We have the incumbent, David Blough, then Elijah Sindelar, Jared Sparks & also Nick Sipe coming in. I would think Coach Brohm is salivating at all of these pro-style QB’s. I believe that Griffin will end up being a Safety, Running Back, Slot or a Special Teams star.

He looks great on his highlights, but the competition is questionable, you can take a look below.

Welcome aboard, Griffin, we are excited to watch you thrive in West Lafayette over the next 4 years!