BTN Purdue Media Days Segment


For those who missed it, here's the BTN Purdue Media Days segments- an interview with CJB and a group interview of Karlaftis, Bell and Anthrop. From Brohm, some (deserved) veiled shade at Diaco, and more self-introspection than I've ever seen from him. Surprised with the damning-with-faint-praise of the running game, even though Horvath occasionally carried away he O. Overall, a fast 22 minutes.

Catching up with RB Brandon Cottom


Brandon Cottom, Boiler running back 2011-2014 who had stints in the NFL, AAF and Arena League, was interviewed by a Philadelphia-centric football vlog a few months ago. Not a whole lot of Purdue info, but an interesting watch all the same. Cottom was averaging over 9 YPC in Hope's final season, found himself in Hazell's doghouse (and Shoop's gag-awful offense), and had exactly 1 rushing attempt his senior year. The fact that he played a couple seasons for the Seahawks is testament to this young man's talent and drive, as well as the questionable coaching of the Hazell era.

Keady and Cardinal appearing on "Getting Loose with Luce"


Isn't it amazing for Tommy Luce, a walk-on, to get the legendary Gene Keady to do the scene? Absolutely love it. Luce himself is kinda a legend too - the King of Mackey. Also is the behind the scene on Keady: SRV


I loved SRV since I was a 23 year pup in 1983. I never knew this song existed until last week. This song expresses the joy I feel after beating UT. BTFUPOTFH.

How Nobel got his name


Good interview with Nobel Eastern.

"Pure Purdue" (Pure Michigan Parody)

Found this on the /r/Purdue subreddit and figured you guys would enjoy it at well.

FYI: trigger warning at the 0:45 mark. You're welcome.

Isaac Haas E:60


The complete E:60 package on Isaac Haas.

Mitch Daniels on Bob & Tom


Mitch Daniels on Bob & Tom

Purdue Louisville Simulation


At least the computer thinks we have a chance!

Purdue on Taiwan TV


Loyal reader Jordan Spees spotted this ont he local news in Taiwan.