Basketball team official visit


So can everyone recognizes all the players?

Mathias getting married!!!


I see Grady, VEd, PJ, Cline, DJ Byrd. I'm surprised no Haas or Painter.

Carsen wearing Team Lithuania with Team USA


Anyone know what's up with Carsen repping Team Lithuania while with Team USA? Just kind of strange time to be doing so I'd think...

I made this wallpaper for you all...


Well, I made it for myself, but you all can use it too while we await Biggie's decision.

This photo is everything.


Context: Nojel Eastern posted this on Twitter, saying that he ran into Coach Painter at the Final Four. I've looked at this for 20 straight minutes analyzing every aspect of it. Here are some thoughts: 1. Painter in a white polo? Not a great look. 2. That sucker has to be at least a 3XL, no? 3. Please look at what's in Painter's left hand. Do it. 4. Now do it again. 5. AAhhahahaha!!!! He's got a coke and an ice cream cone!!!! 6. That's outrageous! 7. Dinner of champs. 8. Now please direct your attention to what Nojel is holding in his right hand. 9. It's a pizza. 10. But here's the funny part - he's got his left hand over the box trying to hide it from Painter!!! 11. Don't be embarrassed Nojel! You're still a teenager. Enjoy the junk food while you can! 12. Coach isn't gunna make you run for eating a pizza. I promise. 13. Hell, if he does, just buy him a coke and an ice cream cone and you're all set! 14. I gotta say, this Eastern kid is one good looking kid. I think he's gunna be special for us. 15. Coke and ice cream. smdh

Mike Bobinski Email Reply


I sent an email to Bobinski and voiced my concerns.... this was his response....

Spain Trip Total Stats


Carson was E'Twuan 2.0, PJ was lights out from 3, Biggie and Haas ate up smaller defenders, and the team got a ton of steals (look at Mathias)

Caleb Swanigan, All-Freshman Team


In a loaded big man freshman class, 5 star recruit makes it onto the all freshman team.