Jack Owens to Ohio State


Jack Owens was hired a week ago as an assistant coach for Ohio State.

Berg Official


May have missed it, but had not seen anything posted here yet.

William Berg Highlights


Just under 2 minutes of William Berg doing good things, running the floor, rebounding and finishing in traffic, dunking, and hitting from distance. It was a back and forth game the whole way and he helped seal it with good plays at both ends of the floor.

Carsen back to the big leagues!


Pistons are signing him to a 2 year deal. He's been putting up monster numbers in the G-League the last few months.

Chris Kramer interview


Hot takes: - Painter is way smarter than any of us, and probably smarter than 99% of the coaches out there. - Coaches can coach as hard as they want, but it's still up to the players to execute. - The players and coaches want to win waaay more than we want them to, so quit saying they don't care or are putting in the effort. And more. Well worth a watch.

Hey! T-Mill wrote a book!


Yes, it is very much off of my usual topics, but starting in July I wrote a small book. There are some Purdue basketball mentions in it, but it is more of book where I talk about how we need to get back to being compassionate as a society because there certainly is not a lot of compassion in this day and age. I talk a lot about my faith and the people who gave me the values I have, but how it has evolved over time and grown apart from the state of the church in America today. As I said, not what you would typically expect from me, but I think it is good. If you feel so inclined, check it out!

QB Austin Burton returning for 2022


not sure what this means, as he likely will be back again, but I had not seen this mentioned here yet.

MCB MVP on crutches, consoles Tennessee player


Broc is not only a good receiver, but a better human being. That's a Boilermaker.

Titus and Tate - Purdue #1 and Hoosier Bitterness


Sorry if y'all hate this but the bitterness is comical. I didn't realize Titus was from a split IU/PU house.



‘Twas the night before Purdue’s first #1 ranking and all thru the house…