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The H&R Column

The Rivalry: Will It Ever Get Back to Greatness?

Gene vs. Bobby was epic, but The Rivalry has fallen on hard times of late.

Sasha Stefanovic Saves the Season

Sasha’s game-tying triple last night looked very familiar from recent seasons.

Purdue-Virginia: A Defining Moment

Purdue’s 2019-20 season took a major turn for the good last night.

A Bucket Game at Lucas Oil? May It Never Happen

The Bucket Game at Lucas Oil is an Abomination before Almighty God.

Doing the Double: A Tale of Ryan Field, Half-Hats, and Mackey Arena

Two games, two sports, two states, and eight hours in a car.

Aidan O’Connell = Mariano Rivera

When O’Connell gets the ball down a score late just play Enter Sandman.

Illinois 24, Purdue 6: The Lost Season

The 2019 season is officially over for Purdue Football.

Purdue Bans Betting on Purdue

Bet on Purdue? Right to jail!

Central Florida and Purdue Involved in MOON FIGHT

Because it is 2019 and we must be ANGRY ABOUT EVERYTHING.

2019 Purdue Football at the Quarter Pole

Things are never as bad as they seem.

UPDATE: Yes, Jaws on 3rd down is going away, but...

Ummmm, oops...

The 1,000 Day Reign

It’s been a thousand days of Purdue in-state dominance.

The Excommunication of Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman is no longer an alumnus of Purdue University

One Small Step...

50 years ago today our most famous alum went for a short walk.

H&R Roundtable: Starting 5, 2019-2020

The H&R Staff weigh in who will be the starting 5 for next season.

Purdue Fans: Treat Yo Self

Saturday was stressful, so let’s go spend money.

Inches and Seconds

Purdue came literally as close as you can get to a Final Four without going.

I Didn’t Believe in This Team - I Was Wrong

IU Sucks - Hero or Menace?

Does IU in fact suck? I asked former Paint Crew exec board members for their take on the current fracas

Top 10 Purdue Sports Stories of 2018

You voted, so here are the results. Of course Tyler is No. 1.

Merry Christmas From the Staff of Hammer & Rails

As we wind our 10th year at SB Nation we are thankful for all of you.

Top Purdue Sports Stories of 2018

Let’s celebrate the top stories of the past year.

Yes, Purdue Can Still Make the NCAA Tournament

The Boilers are going through some growing pains at the moment, but there is still reason to hope.

Purdue Football: The Jeff Brohm Question

I got a chance to interview another knowledgeable Boilermaker on his opinion.

Purdue Football: 5 Reasons Why Jeff Brohm Will Leave Purdue

Lets take a look at the other side, why he may leave.

Purdue Football: 5 Reasons Jeff Brohm Won’t Leave Purdue

October: No Longer a Place Where Purdue Football Goes to Die

We’re entering November in positive spirits for the first time since 2003.

Spooky Purdue Costume Ideas

So, Now What?

Where does Purdue go from here?

Warning: Tyler Trent’s Gameday Segment Will Likely Ruin You

Tom Rinaldi does it again.

Was Darrell Hazell a Secret Agent for Jim Tressel and Ohio State?

I will no longer be silenced on this matter!

Can Purdue Beat Ohio State?


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