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The H&R Column

Per Aspera Ad Astra

It is not goodbye.

Wisconsin 35, Purdue 24: Changes...

The more things change...

Big Ten Realignment: How Would a 3-5-5 Work?

Divisions appear to be gone soon.


This one will hurt for a while.


If March has horcruxes, Jaden Ivey killed one last night.

2021 Old Oaken Bucket Game: Shifting Elevators

Indiana and Purdue flew past each other some time in October.

2021-22 Purdue Basketball: Let’s Start The Show

"Muchachos, los de afuera son de palo. Que comience la función"

2021 Purdue Football: Is Just a Bowl Game Enough?

Would a postseason berth calm everyone down a bit?

Bye Week Musings: The Path to a Bowl

I still believe.


Saturday’s loss left a lot of questions.

The ACC/B1G/Pac-12 Alliance Announced

Yeah, the Big 12 is screwed.

Purdue Sports: Now With Fans!

For the first time in nearly 14 months my family and I got to go to sports.

Managed Expectations: Just How Good is Matt Painter in March?

After a first round exit there are naturally questions, but Painter is still a great coach.

Let’s Give Archie Miller a Contract Extension!

We can reward excellence for a very good cause.

Purdue Basketball: Growing Pains

Remember that patience I talked about in October?

Can We Thank Drew Brees Enough?

A legend, Mr. Wayne.

The Rivalry at a Crossroads

Purdue is trending up, while Indiana is treading water. Still.

Purdue Basketball: Turning Points

Several Purdue seasons have turned on games like last night.

Merry Christmas from the Staff of Hammer & Rails

Thanks for being with us through a difficult year.

We Still Have Hope in Brohm

There are some questions, however.

First Football Game as a Father! Great (Time-delayed) Success!

Watching football is different these days.

Embrace the Apathy

Even if we get a season, can we get excited for it?

Happy Fourth of July from Hammer & Rails

Let’s hope for some good news over the next few weeks, because we definitely need it.

The Comeback: Purdue Campus to Re-Open in August

Ready or not, Purdue’s campus will reopen in a few months, and that has a definite effect on sports.

Life as the Perpetual Underdog

Purdue is the team that history often happens against.

Purdue What Ifs: What if John Wooden Came Home?

Purdue nearly had the greatest college coach of all-time... twice.

Comparing Big Ten Schools to Avengers

It is Marvel Week at SB Nation, so Holmes actually wrote something!

Thank You, Matt Haarms

Since the big Dutchman will not get a senior day in Mackey Arena let’s give him one.

Rank the Best Wins of the Painter Era

Because why not?

What If There Is No Season?

The 2020 Purdue football could be postponed or cancelled.

Another Juan Bites the Dust

The road has come to an end for this Juan.

Dispatches From a World Without Sports

Two weeks without sports. How long can we do this?


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