Jerry Palm's Bracket

I'm not sure if he is actually predicting this would happen or if he is just trying to make a talking point But, he has Purdue as a 1 seed in Indy and Butler and Indiana State as the 8/9 seeds in Indy. The play in game winner could be Eastern Kentucky. That's a lot of local fans in the stands. It would be great for the NCAA and ticket sales. Not so great for Purdue who would be looking to get some home court advantage. I don't see it happening with all those local teams. I know it's all subjective this far out. I just found it very interesting. Even though they say they don't, past evidence has made it pretty clear the NCAA tries to set up certain 2nd round matchups. Purdue versus Butler or ISU in the 2nd round in Indy would be manipulation for sure.

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