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Hammer and Rails Content Now Available on the Autograph App

Are apps still cool? Do people like apps?

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been plenty of push for fans of both Hammer and Rails and SB Nation in general to put out an app for our content. I don’t have the skillset, the patience, or the energy to go ahead and create an app for this. Luckily for me, as in most areas of my life, Tom Brady has stepped in to fill the void. First he came to my beloved Tampa Bay Bucs to lead them to their second Super Bowl victory, and now he’s coming in with an app to bring all of your favorite sports content together. Purdue is one of the first schools to be available on the app and so you can find the Hammer and Rails content you love plus Purdue content from elsewhere on the internet all in one place.

You might be asking yourself, I have a smartphone with an internet browser, why should I want this app. And you know what, that’s a fair question. It’s also a question that I asked the two folks I spoke with when the brought this idea to me. Sadly, Tom Brady was not in the meeting. The answer is twofold:

  1. You can earn rewards for all of the content that you view. Each article you earn points which you can then use to unlock unique rewards. This includes clothing discounts at great partners as well as even free or discounted tickets to big events. Given that this is a Tom Brady started app Michigan was the first team to go on the app. Some Michigan fans were sent to the Rose Bowl with half price tickets and I’ve been assured by the folks at Autograph that they are planning some great March Madness deals so it makes sense to start earning points now.
  2. Just like we complain about Peacock and the inability to switch between one game and another if it’s on another network, the internet is a lot like that. Instead, use the Autograph app and all of your Purdue content is located in the same spot.

Follow the link to the app store and use code boilerup to let them know that Hammer and Rails sent you. You’ll still be able to join us on the game threads, find the latest content, and get all your favorite Purdue podcasts right in the app.