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The Old Gold Show - Is the Rivalry Still Alive?

Plus, I go all in on IU basketball culture.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

There are times when you must lay down a maker in the sand. Where one man must stand astride history and say NO! Well, there’s nothing as dramatic as that in this episode of the Old Gold Show but we do talk about the current Big Ten standings and what has gone on with Wisconsin of late. We look ahead to the rest of Illinois’ schedule and hope that someone, anyone, can take them down so that Purdue gets a little more breathing room in the conference race. Could Michigan State help out Purdue tomorrow?

Speaking of Michigan State, what is going on there? Is Izzo beginning to lose his magical touch (make sure to save this for when he inevitably somehow gets MSU in the tournament and reaches a Final Four)?

But then, the main course of today’s episode is the Purdue IU rivalry. Some say it’s not as white hot as it once was, and they aren’t both ranked this season, but surely there’s still hate in our hearts right? There is and I unleash quite a bit here talking about just straight up bad people associated with IU and why IU keeps clinging to some of them. Give us a listen on your favorite podcast platform or watch us on YouTube.