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Boiler Alert - IU vs. Purdue - Two Diverging Programs

Ryan and I go a bit deeper as to what’s going on in Bloomington and West Lafayette.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Wisconsin Kayla Wolf-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan and I are back with the latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast to talk about the Purdue vs. IU game. Though, we do go on a few tangents but they aren’t completely off base here. We spend the majority of this podcast talking about the differences between the IU and Purdue programs and how they found themselves in these places. Purdue has had two basketball coaches since 1980. IU? Many more than that. Could that be part of the reason.

We wildly speculate as to why Purdue has an identity in basketball and IU, for the last two decades, really doesn’t have one. How would you succinctly describe IU basketball right now? It’s hard to do isn’t it? I mean, when I got to Purdue as a student in 2004 Purdue basketball was at a low point. When Ryan arrived at Purdue during his five years he never saw Purdue lose a basketball game to IU. What a run. So how did we get from 2004 to now? We get into all of it and talk about Saturday’s matchup against the Hoosiers and what to expect.