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BreakingT Releases New Lance Jones Shirt

We’ve got the details here.

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We all love Lance Jones. It is known. From his energetic personality on the court to his ability to hit shots from downtown Crawfordsville he’s quickly become one of the most popular guys out there on the court. His dance moves certainly don’t hurt him.

It’s easy to see why he’s become a fan favorite and has been discussed nationwide as one of the most impactful transfers of the offseason. Well, our friends over at BreakingT have noticed and have provided us with a look at their newest shirt.

It’s absolutely beautiful. You can find the shirt right here and go out there and support Lance Jones as he continues his quest for 2,000 points, a Big Ten Championship, and a deep March/April run. This shirt is the perfect one to wear as we head to the end of the season and senior day for Mr. Jones.

Thanks to BreakingT for their support.