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The Old Gold Show - Is Sunday the Most Anticipated Game of the Year?

Plus, what is wrong with the Cousy Award people?

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I know that in the end awards don’t matter. Winning does. And Braden Smith is saying all the right things about being left off the Cousy Award finalist list but gosh dangit, it matters to me! Casey and I get deep into what is wrong with the people who choose these awards, why do they do this stuff mid-season, and if anyone can change the outcome of this process at this point.

Then we venture into the thicket that was the Northwestern win. There’s a lot of good performances to highlight including Braden Smith, Lance Jones, and of course Zach Edey. Plus, Casey actually feels more optimistic about the season after the Rutgers and Northwestern wins, despite the flaws that were seen. Do you agree?

Finally, we get into the highly anticipated matchup between Wisconsin and Purdue, at Wisconsin for this weekend. Casey gives us the matchups to watch, and also tells me which areas Purdue might have an advantage in. This was a good one folks, make sure to watch or listen, rate, review, subscribe, do all of the things.