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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 14

We are just about two-thirds of the way through the Big Ten Conference schedule, and everyone is jockeying for postseason position.

Illinois v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 13

1) Purdue (-)
W vs Indiana
The Boilermakers finished the regular season sweep against their rival and won by a combined 41 points. We need to start talking about the magic number for Purdue (5), as they currently hold a 2.5 lead or greater on every other B1G team.

2) Illinois (-)
L at Michigan State
Yes, I know that Michigan State beat Illinois, but I think Illinois wins that game more than 50 times out of 100. Winning on the road is difficult in the B1G and Michigan State is not a bottom feeder by any means.

3) Michigan State (+1)
L at Minnesota, W vs #10 Illinois
The swing that MSU got to its postseason chances were huge after beating Illinois. Had Sparty lost that one, they would’ve had to put in some serious work, but a top-10 win eases the leash a bit.

4) Wisconsin (-1)
L at Michigan, L at Rutgers
Wisconsin is in free-fall right now, having lost 4 straight games after starting 8-1. As I’ve already stated, winning a road game is difficult, BUT Michigan and Rutgers are bottom feeders this season.

5) Northwestern (+1)
W vs Nebraska, W vs Penn State
Northwestern is clearly one of the better teams in the conference. Winning 2 games at home this week looks even better considering that Ty Berry is out indefinitely. Having Boo Buie is a luxury few teams have.

6) Nebraska (-1)
L at Northwestern, W vs Michigan
Nebraska has got to win a game on the road. It’s looking worse and worse for their resume, even if it’s a cool stat to follow. Only 6 more chances for the Huskers to break the home/road snafu. Maybe they should take Lincoln, Nebraska, and push it somewhere else?

7) Minnesota (+1)
W vs Michigan State, L at Iowa
Don’t look now but Minnesota is playing well. For Minnesota, being .500 in conference play is nothing short of a miracle and they just missed their chance at winning in Iowa City which would have them just outside double-bye territory for the BTT. Alas, they are getting closer to being a bubble team for the NCAAT.

8) Penn State (+1)
W vs Iowa, L at Northwestern
Penn State has won 3 of 4 and ran a game at Welsh-Ryan down to the final minutes. If the Nittany Lions can string together some more wins, they could play themselves onto the bubble, especially since they have some better opponents coming up.

9) Iowa (+1)
L at Penn State, W vs Minnesota
I sometimes don’t know what to make of Iowa. Sure, they can score, but they just seem unable to string together wins and make headway in the standings. It’s like that sometimes.

10) Indiana (+1)
W at Ohio State, L at #2 Purdue
The comeback against OSU seems to say more about the Buckeyes than the Hoosiers, but it was still a nice win. However, letting Zach Edey make his only career 3 against you may be the low point of the season. I’m really not sure this team will have any fight left.

11) Maryland (-4)
L vs Rutgers, L at Ohio State
Maryland went up the see-saw and now they are on the downswing. Losing to Rutgers at home and at hapless Ohio State does not look good. Jamir Young cannot be the only dangerous piece if Maryland wants to win games.

12) Rutgers (+1)
W at Maryland, W vs #11 Wisconsin
The Scarlet Knights decided to show some life this week as they took down Maryland on the road and defended Jersey Mike’s arena against a reeling Wisconsin team. This is more like the Rutgers we expected at the beginning of the year.

13) Ohio State (-1)
L vs Indiana, W vs Maryland
Ohio State jumps right back down after an embarrassing collapse to Indiana in Columbus. They would have gone below Michigan if not for a 2OT win against Maryland.

14) Michigan (-)
W vs #11 Wisconsin, L at Nebraska
The only reason that Michigan didn’t rise this week is because the team directly above them last week also beat Wisconsin at home. Losing in Lincoln isn’t even a bad loss and it goes to show how hard it is to win a B1G road game.