UConn - not sure?

Nothing against Connecticut - they’ve proven that they have formulas to win national championships. However, I totally believe like a lot of others that to win national championships - takes about as much luck as it does having a good team. I could argue or pretty much all of us can argue that very few of the actual best team that particular year wins the national championship. However, when I watch Connecticut this year, I’m not too impressed with them. I don’t think Clingan is that great. He just seems very edgy on his feet like he is on skates. I think he’s just a big guy on a good perimeter shooting team that just happens to be well coached. However, I think their competition is horrible this year. I’m not saying they couldn’t win it again, but I think there are 10 teams on paper, or at least from a TV standpoint that look better than them, Purdue included. Just saying.

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