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Purdue Football: What De’Nylon Morrissette Brings to the Boilermakers

The former 4* receiver from UGA is looking for a fresh start in West Lafayette.

Kent State v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Apparently former Georgia Bulldogs enjoy trains. Last week, Purdue landed their fourth UGA transfer in wide receiver De’Nylon Morrissette.

Normally I’d make some dumb joke about how I’m the Georgia person so I’m especially equipped to talk about him, but since I graduated from the Justin Fields high school and Morrissette played for our rival North Cobb, I’d argue I’m actually one of the more qualified people to amp up Boiler faithful as to what this dude brings to the table.

There is one big caveat.

The former four-star prospect was a top 200 high school player in the country and saw real playing time as a true freshman in 2022. He caught all four passes thrown his direction for a total of 36 yards.

Prior to his sophomore season, Morrissette was charged with a DUI. He quickly fell out of favor and only appeared in three games in 2023 after spending the summer away from the team. I hope he has learned from his mistake. Assuming he has, we’ll get back to the football aspect.

What De’Nylon Morrissette Bring to Purdue

The 6’1” 200-pound wide receiver is one of those tough, contact-absorbing, middle of the field receivers, but even a little bit bigger than the majority of the slant route receivers who are transferring out of West Lafayette. That’s where I see him playing for the remainder of his college career. That said, I beg you to watch his high school film and see how high he can jump over lost defensive backs when he’s challenged with the deep sideline ball. We saw Burks do that a few times with sideline routes and corner end zone fades last year, and Morrissette is even bigger. Hudson Card is going to have bigger windows to throw into in 2024.

He’s got great footwork and creates separation quickly beyond the five-yard no contact zone. He’s not even a guy who necessarily got “lost in the shuffle” of a team that recruits extremely well, he’s a guy who made a huge mistake that put him lower on the depth chart than equally talented guys who stayed squeaky clean off the field.

Where Morrissette fits into the Purdue Offense

De’Nylon Morrissette can bring a lot to Purdue in an offense that didn’t necessarily have the ideal personnel for a guy with Graham Harrell’s offensive philosophy downfield. I’m typically averse from describing too many wide receivers as capable of being “do-it-all” receivers, but I certainly believe that with his size and skillset, Morrissette has the potential to be that guy for Purdue immediately.

The incoming junior has two years of eligibility remaining.