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Purdue Football: What Nyland Green Brings to Purdue

Purdue adds a former 5* star defensive back eager to break out to the roster.

UAB v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

We’re almost at the end of the winter transfer portal and Purdue’s roster is close to filled out. Today’s profile: the highest-ranked transfer that the Boilermakers have landed in the aftermath of the 2023 season.

*It appears “X” is putting this on all Purdue related...whatever they are called now. I’ll try to find a new way to get these announcements in a post.

Nyland Green arrived at the University of Georgia via Conginton, Georgia’s Newton High School as a 5-star prospect and the fifth-ranked cornerback in the 2021 class. He redshirted his freshman year with one appearance for a national championship team before appearing in 10 of 15 games in the Bulldogs’ 2022 championship campaign. As a redshirt sophomore in 2023, Green appeared in all 13 games before announcing his decision to transfer.

What Green Brings to the Field

The 6’1” and 185-pound Green transfers to a Purdue team led by a head coach who made his name by coaching up defensive backs. It’s not hard to see why this is a huge get for Ryan Walters and his Boilermakers staff.

Green never cracked the second string in Athens and is the type of transfer who’s leaving because he knows he can compete for a starting spot elsewhere. In my opinion, he picked a good coaching staff for his position and that coaching staff happens to have immediate needs at his position. He made waves at the prep level with his footwork, hip turning in coverage, and long strides that kept up with the longest and fastest wide receivers in the Atlanta high school area.

In the mix with an elite group of UGA defensive backs who quite often start as true freshmen, Green needs more field time to realize his NFL dreams. He will get that in West Lafayette.

Where He Fits On the Roster

I see him competing for a starting spot in 2024 throughout spring and fall practices, at worst being a constant rotational defensive back with two years of eligibility remaining. If Green stays healthy and stays at Purdue, I will grill and eat one of my own socks if he’s not starting as a redshirt senior.

When you get down to brass tacks, this is a player who spent three years in a program that’s in the middle of a historic three-year run in defensive statistics. A former five star with a lot of upside and a decent amount of experience just fell into Purdue’s lap.

Green will be an immediate contributor for the Boilers, and it’s fitting that he and CJ Madden have found a new home for train enthusiasts given Georgia has a whole chant about the train tracks that exist behind the Bulldogs’ home field.