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Boiler Alert Podcast - A Road Victory and Illinois on the Horizon

Will playing at home keep Purdue on the rise in the Big Ten standings?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan and I are back to talk Purdue’s victory on the road against Maryland and what it means for this team. We might have taken a detour on the lackluster crowd at the game as well as the strange nature of the Maryland students and why they always seem to be meaner/nastier than most student sections that Purdue faces. Not even creative either and that might be their worst offense.

We discuss the great(ish) game by the Boilermakers and the good and the bad about what we saw on the court. I also discuss some of the things that Painter noted in the post-game press conference and how he didn’t seem entirely thrilled with his team’s performance in this one even though they won by double digits on the road in conference play. Not an easy thing to do mind you.

Then, we talk about Purdue’s next opponent which is Illinois at home in Mackey arena. We just don’t really know what Illinois is going to be without their leading scorer due to his legal issues. They’re highly ranked on both ends of the court on KenPom but there hasn’t been a large enough sample to see if they are going to maintain that without Shannon.

So give us a listen and let us know your thoughts.