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#1 Purdue Takes Down Maryland on the Road - Post-Game Press Conference - Zach Edey and Matt Painter

Listen to what the reigning NPOY and the head coach had to say.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After the 67-53 victory over Maryland yesterday Zach Edey and head coach Matt Painter took questions from the media. The audio actually was pretty good here as the folks at Maryland did a good job of testing all the microphones before Edey and Painter came into the room. Edey was the first to speak.

After Edey had finished questions it was time for Matt Painter to answer questions and he had some interesting things to say. It also helps that he echoed some things I wrote about in the post-game wrap which made me feel like there’s a chance that I may #knowball. Painter also gave an extended answer about the evolution of Zach Edey and how to find a balance between getting what Purdue needs out of him and what they need to do to prepare him for the NBA. It’s always fascinating to listen to Matt Painter talk about Edey. He compared him to a middle schooler but in the best possible way I promise. Give it a listen and enjoy the wisdom of Matt Painter.