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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 12

We are just about halfway through conference season and the pecking order is getting clearer.

Nebraska v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 12

1) Purdue (-)
W vs Michigan, W at Rutgers
Purdue has exorcised its demons and won against a team from New Jersey. That noise you just heard was a collective gulp from the rest of college basketball.

2) Wisconsin (-)
W at Minnesota, W vs Michigan State
Wisconsin continues to win and maintain their lead in the Big Ten, but they are flirting with some losses. A brutal choke from Minnesota let the Badgers escape the Barn with a win. They are clearly a top-2 team in the Big Ten though.

3) Illinois (-)
L at Northwestern, W vs Indiana
Winning at Northwestern is hard unless you’re Chicago State, apparently. Right now, there are only 4 teams in the Big Ten with a winning conference record. That technically makes it a 4-team race for the crown, but Illinois and Northwestern just aren’t in the same tier as Purdue and Wisconsin.

4) Northwestern (+1)
W vs #10 Illinois, W vs Ohio State
Same as above but for Chicago’s Big Ten Team.

5) Maryland (+4)
W at Iowa, W vs Nebraska
Not only has Maryland had a 2-0 week, but let’s look at their last 7 games. 4-3 with wins at Illinois and Iowa while the three loses came by 8 combined points. Jamir Young and Julian Reese may finally be hitting their stride.

6) Michigan State (-)
L at #13 Wisconsin
Michigan State is mid. It’s plain and simple. They’ll likely make the tournament as an 7-10 seed but that’s gotta be disappointing considering the talent on Tom Izzo’s squad.

7) Nebraska (-3)
W vs Ohio State, L at Maryland
Nebraska is starting to middle out and they need more than just a home win against Purdue to go on their resume. Now, beating Wisconsin at home Thursday could go a long way.

8) Iowa (-1)
L vs Maryland, W at Michigan
Iowa dropped a close one at home to Maryland and then avenged a Michigan loss when they went to Ann Arbor. Not awful, but not awe-inspiring either.

9) Indiana (-1)
L at #10 Illinois
Indiana just finished a gauntlet of playing the top-3 teams in the Big Ten: the Hoosiers went 0-3, picked up 2 flagrant fouls, 1 ejection and made 0 3’s against Illinois. I bet Mike Woodson wishes he could go full Bobby Knight on his team right now.

10) Ohio State (-1)
L at Nebraska, L at Northwestern
We need not ignore the fact that Ohio State has yet to win a road game this year. Also, their only conference wins have been at home against Minnesota, Rutgers, and Penn State. Ohio State will get 3 more games against bottom-4 teams in these rankings but two are at Minnesota and Rutgers while the third is at home against their rival (which they have already lost to once). Danger zone for Chris Holtmann and co.

11) Minnesota (+2)
L vs #13 Wisconsin, W at Penn State
Minnesota, you were so close! Two missed free throws in the final 64 seconds were the difference in the game. That would have been a massive win.

12) Rutgers (-1)
L vs #2 Purdue
Credit to Rutgers, they willed a close game against Purdue at home. Purdue looked bad too but Rutgers needs all the help it can get.

13) Penn State (-1)
L vs Minnesota
The Nittany Lions got up for that game against Wisconsin, huh? We need to remember that one because it has been downhill since. A game against Rutgers and Indiana this week could help.

14) Michigan (-)
L at #2 Purdue, L vs Iowa
A 32-point loss in Mackey arena isn’t odd. What is odd is that the road team has won both games in the Iowa-Michigan matchup this year.