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Purdue Non-Con Tracker: Groundhog Day

Much like the Bill Murray classic, Purdue has repeated another year with a great resume.

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Quad Chart

Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quad 1 1-30 1-50 1-75
Quad 2 31-75 51-100 76-135
Quad 3 76-160 101-200 136-240
Quad 4 161+ 201+ 241+

Samford Bulldogs
NET: 85
KenPom: 89
Quad-3 Win
Since last update: L at Furman, W vs East Tennessee State

Morehead State Eagles
NET: 103
KenPom: 117
Quad-3 Win
Since last update: W at Southern Indiana, W vs Western Illinois

Xavier Musketeers
NET: 53
KenPom: 42
Quad-2 Win
Since last update: L at #17 Creighton, L at #1 UConn

#11 Gonzaga Bulldogs (N)
NET: 31
KenPom: 22
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: W vs San Francisco, W at Pacific

#7 Tennessee Volunteers (N)
NET: 3
KenPom: 4
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: W at Vanderbilt

#4 Marquette Golden Eagles (N)
NET: 16
KenPom: 13
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: W at DePaul, W vs Seton Hall

Texas Southern Tigers
NET: 293
KenPom: 275
Quad-4 Win
Since last update: L at Jackson State, W vs Alabama A&M

Alabama Crimson Tide (N)
NET: 7
KenPom: 8
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: W vs #8 Auburn, W vs LSU

#1 Arizona Wildcats (N)
NET: 4
KenPom: 5
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: L at Oregon State, W at Oregon

Jacksonville Dolphins
NET: 305
KenPom: 299
Quad-4 Win
Since last update: L at Eastern Kentucky, L at Bellarmine

Eastern Kentucky Colonels
NET: 206
KenPom: 179
Quad-4 Win
Since Purdue game: W vs Jacksonville, W vs North Florida

Conference Tracker:

Conference Tracker

Date Opponent NET KenPom Result Quad
Date Opponent NET KenPom Result Quad
1-Dec At Northwestern 53 43 L 1
4-Dec Iowa 60 49 W 2
2-Jan At Maryland 67 44 W 1
5-Jan Illinois 17 10 W 1
9-Jan At Nebraska 41 34 L 1
13-Jan Penn State 96 91 W 3
16-Jan At Indiana 108 105 W 2
20-Jan At Iowa 60 49 W 1
23-Jan Michigan 120 109 W 3
28-Jan At Rutgers 98 94 W 2
31-Jan Northwestern 53 43 W 2
4-Feb At Wisconsin 22 22 W 1
10-Feb Indiana 108 105 W 3
15-Feb Minnesota 78 67 W 3
18-Feb At Ohio State 66 62 L 1
22-Feb Rutgers 98 94 W 3
25-Feb At Michigan 120 109 W 2
2-Mar Michigan State 24 20 - 1
5-Mar At Illinois 17 10 - 1
10-Mar Wisconsin 22 22 - 1

Well, it was both really pretty and really ugly in wins this week against Michigan and at Rutgers, but Purdue took my advice and kept winning. Purdue now is 7-2 in Q1 games (tied for best in the nation with #1 UConn) and 12-2 in Q1 / Q2 games (that is best in the nation). Only 3 games this season have been against Q4 teams. It’s hard to come up with new ways to say that Purdue has the best resume in the nation and it’s not particularly close. But there are still plenty of quality games to be played. Playing Wisconsin twice, Illinois on the road, and Michigan State (which I actually don’t think are that good) gives Purdue that much more resume firepower if they can win. Morale of the story for Purdue: just keep winning.