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Boiler Alert - Domination in Mackey Arena

Plus, who’s scared of Big Bad Rutgers?

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Purdue absolutely dominated Michigan in Mackey Arena on Tuesday. The game somehow wasn’t even as close as the 99-67 score. Purdue dominated nearly from the opening tipoff with the only exception being a stretch of bad offense by both teams during which they each missed four shots in a row. It was ugly basketball there for a minute but ultimately Purdue returned to form and blew the doors off of Michigan.

Since Ryan was in the arena I asked him about some of the highlights of the night including the fan reaction to a missed opponent free throw this season plus the Brian Waddell dunk that registered as a top 5 noise producer in Mackey since the 2009-2010 season.

We also take plenty of time to talk about the impact of Lance Jones on the team this season. Plus, Zach Edey got off to a slow start in this one and yet, it didn’t matter. Purdue still was able to run a smooth and efficient offense. He still wound up with a double double, but how important was it for Purdue to win this game with a slow start from their star player?

Then, we delve into Rutgers and give Purdue fans hope for why this time won’t be like the most recent trips to the RAC Jersey Mike’s. I mean for one, Purdue isn’t #1 in the country so that should help things. Right? Right!? But on a more serious note, right now Rutgers is struggling a lot. They don’t have that one guard they’ve had in recent years that has dominated against Purdue. Will someone step up? It’s possible but Ryan and I have our doubts.

All of this and more including Harbaugh leaving Michigan on the latest Boiler Alert podcast.