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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 11

Another week down and the middle of the pack continues to be a mess.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 20 Purdue at Iowa Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 11

1) Purdue (-)
W at Iowa
If Zach Edey continues to play like this past week, watch out. The reigning NPOY and current NPOY favorite is averaging 31 and 17.3 over his last three games, two of which are on the road!

2) Wisconsin (-)
W vs Indiana
The current Big Ten leader took advantage of a short-handed Indiana team and that’s no fault of their own. Gotta win the games in front of you.

3) Illinois (+1)
W at Michigan, W vs Rutgers
The Illini got Terrance Shannon back while his off-court situation is being processed. He makes a clear difference to the team, but Illinois needs to tread very carefully.

4) Nebraska (-1)
L at Rutgers, W vs Northwestern
A loss at Rutgers isn’t what it used to be, but that building is still a challenge. Defending homecourt against Northwestern is a solid performance by the Huskers.

5) Northwestern (-)
W vs Maryland, L at Nebraska
A .500 week for the Cats seems right considering 7 of 14 Big Ten Teams are within 1 game of being .500 in conference play. Will Northwestern be able to avenge an ugly loss to Illinois at home this week?

6) Michigan State (+4)
W vs Minnesota, W at Maryland
Michigan State keeps bouncing around like a rubber ball. After losing at both teams from Illinois last week, the Spartans decided to blitz Rutgers in East Lansing before winning in the Xfinity Center against Maryland, a tall task. Sparty will have a shot to really make a jump this week when they play Wisconsin in Madison.

7) Iowa (-1)
L vs #2 Purdue
If Iowa is not hitting 3’s they are having a rough time. A lack of inside presence on defense does not help either. Owen Freeman is a very good young player, but he’s not the bully in the paint that Iowa could use.

8) Indiana (-)
L at #11 Wisconsin
Indiana just can’t get out of its own way. They have had a Flagrant foul in 3 straight games and 2 have warranted ejections. Something better change quickly because the Hoosiers are about to head to Champaign to take on a hungry Illini team.

9) Ohio State (-)
W vs Penn State
Speaking of winning the games in front of you, Ohio State has 3 wins in conference this season. They are all home games against Minnesota, Rutgers, and Penn State. For some reason, Ohio State is really struggling to keep up with even the middling teams.

10) Maryland (-3)
L at Northwestern, L vs Michigan State
The Terps nearly had a nice win in Evanston and was very close to protecting its home court against the Spartans. Two close misses are the difference between 4th in the Big Ten and 11th right now.

11) Rutgers (+4)
W vs Nebraska, L at #14 Illinois
The bottom four can go in just about any order, but Rutgers is the least bad at the moment. Rutgers has won 2 of its last 4 games including a nice win against Nebraska. They also played Illinois pretty closely on the road (it was a 4-point game with 10 minutes left).

12) Penn State (-)
L at Ohio State
Penn St suffered the hangover loss in Columbus following its upset win over Wiscy. The Nittany Lions have 3 conference wins and will take on 3 straight teams in the bottom half of these standings. Opportunities are there.

13) Minnesota (-2)
L at Michigan State
The Gophers have come back down to Earth and have lost 3 in a row. They can instantly begin to right the ship, however, if they can take down Wisconsin in the Barn this week.

14) Michigan (-1)
L vs #14 Illinois
Does Michigan lose to Ohio State anymore? Apparently not because despite winning just 1 of their last 7 games, that single win was against their bitter rival. Maybe the Wolverines will be able to take them down again in March when they travel to Columbus. Hopefully Dug McDaniel is able to play in road games by then.