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B.U.D.S. Return With a New Multimedia Project

Confused about college football? Wonder how Purdue fits into the changing landscape? Let’s figure this out together.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


To those of you who stay listening to Boiler Up Down South: first of all, thank you. Second, Drew and Garrett are starting a weekly deep dive into the huge roster changes in a new era of college football.

We’ve discussed a huge new component of college sports in little spells since the end of Purdue’s football season. It’s time to spend extended periods of time wrapping our minds around how this affects the future of recruiting.

As you’ll hear Drew mention, neither of us can think of a sporting example of when the off-field rules went from so restrictive to so free, let alone in such a short span of time. Gone are the days of any sort of tampering. We’re now in the era of constant free agency. For coaches, that means constant recruiting.

Drew and I are going to discuss (at borderline extreme length) the implications that this new wild west landscape has on the Boilermakers at every single position group. Many hypothetical questions will be raised. But first and foremost, we’re trying to help everyone (ourselves included) wrap their minds around the roster changes that no longer involve just three or four players transferring at the end of the season.

We’ll be recapping who’s staying, who’s going, who’s coming from where to fill what voids, how Ryan Walters and company can use the new system to their advantage, how they already are, and where this takes us going into spring practice.

We’ll have one position group each week in both Boiler Up Down South form along with a companion article for each group. These stat-heavy auxiliary posts will feature each players’ numbers coming into West Lafayette, their previous stop(s) whether that be high school or college, and what their predicted role will be for the Boilers in 2024 and possibly beyond.


You’ll notice this series of articles pinned on the front page in order to keep this series together. This is Garrett’s baby. I’ve got some big picture ideas, but he’s going to handle the heavy lifting.

We’re putting together a database to help keep everything straight. Garrett’s also going to do some fun stuff with stats during the season utilizing the same database. This is new to everyone, but I think we (the royal we) are smart enough to figure this out together.