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The Old Gold Show: Remember When Michigan Was Normal?

Casey and I do.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I return to talk all about the victory over Iowa and how good Zach Edey is and has been. That’s two wins this season against Iowa and the Hawkeyes didn’t even take down Edey with some well placed water from their roof. We look into the TKR injury and what would happen if he were to be out for any amount of time. Who would step up for Purdue and how would Painter manage this change.

Then, we talk about Michigan. Oh Michigan. The hard thing about playing Michigan is you don’t really know who you’re going to coach against. Could it be Howard? Will he ask one of his assistants to step in for no apparent reason? Who knows! And that’s half the fun. There’s also the away game suspension of Dug McDaniels which is absolutely bizarre. Remember when Michigan was a normal basketball program?

So join us on this episode of The Old Gold Show part of the Field of 68 network. Watch on Youtube or listen on your favorite podcast network.