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Game Wrap: Purdue 84 - Iowa 70

The Boilermakers notched a Big 10 road victory this afternoon, but may have lost a key contributor to injury.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue knocked off Iowa 84-70 in Carver-Hawkeye Natatorium this afternoon. Zach Edey once again makes the incredible seem pedestrian, putting up a routine tall guy 30 and 18, breaking the 30/10 threshold for the third straight game. He added an additional 4 blocks because that’s what you do if you’re the best player in college basketball. Fletcher Loyer and Lance Jones chipped in a combined 26 points and Braden Smith stuffed the stat sheet despite a poor shooting night, contributing 9/9/6 to the cause. Tony Perkins led the way for Iowa with 24 points in the loss.

Despite Creighton and Seton Hall bogarting FS1, and Carver-Hawkeye leaking like a paper tent in a thunderstorm, the Boilermakers took the court in Iowa City on time and went about the business of winning a road Big 10 game. Payton Sandfort and Tony Perkins helped keep Iowa in the game during the first 10 minute section of play, but were unable to overcome an Ethan Morton jumper at 11:26 point in the first half that put the Boilermakers up for good. Zach Edey put up an easy 16 points, feasting on Braden Smith passes and dominating Iowa on the offensive glass. When Zach wasn’t throwing down dunks, Fletcher Loyer was doing his part to advance the Boilermaker cause with 10 points, including 2, 3-pointers.

Purdue took a 47 - 34 lead into the half and while Iowa never went away, Purdue kept their palm squarely on the Hawkeye’s forehead and wouldn’t let them get any closer than 8 points. Fran and company had no answer for Edey around the rim, and they couldn’t stop him from getting around the rim. Even when the ball didn’t go to Zach directly, he turned missed shots into passes, collecting 8 offensive boards for the game. Any time Iowa looked like they were gaining a foothold in the game; Edey was there to push them back to the bottom of the hill. It’s hard to comeback when you can’t stop the other team from scoring.

At the same time, Purdue couldn’t stop Iowa’s Tony Perkins from scoring. It was the same story we’ve seen on multiple occasions this season from the Purdue defense. The guy at the top of the scouting report did the thing the scouting report said you couldn’t let him do. Perkins was able to play from the paint all game long, ignoring any Purdue effort to dissuade him from getting to his spot. He finished the game with 24 points on 10/19 shooting. Thankfully for Purdue, no other Iowa player came with him. Payton Sadfort tried to get something going from the outside, but while he did manage to hit 3, 3’s it took him 10 attempts, including some big misses down the stretch that could have pushed Iowa over the hump they never managed to crest.

Despite Purdue controlling the game throughout the second half, the game wasn’t without drama. The battle between the mop kids and the roof was almost as intriguing as the basketball game. At points in the second half, the game had to be stopped to dry up multiple wet spots on the court. Unrelated to the floor, Trey Kaufman-Renn went down in a heap after doing something to his leg that’s kind of hard to describe. I couldn’t tell if he hurt his knee or his ankle, but all I can say is he needs to thank the heavens for the power of youth because they would have to euthanize me on the court if my left did the think TKR’s leg did. He was helped off the court by the training staff but did stand on his own and appeared to put weight on his injured leg. I have no idea if that means anything but as an optimist, I’m taking that as a positive sign.

Iowa attempted to ruin Purdue’s smooth ride to the finish when they cut the lead to 8 with 4:22 remaining, but the Hawkeyes couldn’t capitalize despite the a few empty Boilermaker possessions. Lance Jones finally landed the coup de grace, draining a 3 to extend the lead back to 11 with 1:35 remaining.