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#1 Purdue at Maryland - Open Thread and How to Watch

Big Ten season is back!

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#1 Purdue is back on the road and back in Big Ten action as they head to the state of Old Bay, Berger Cookies, and Natty Boh. Oh, and they love their flag here in Maryland. Can’t say I blame them there, it’s a pretty cool looking flag. Purdue is looking to avoid a repeat of the last time they came to Maryland, February 2023, when they were absolutely boat raced by a talented and long Maryland team.

I’m personally looking forward to being back in the arena and seeing the same video they’ve played every time these two teams face off. What video is that you ask? It’s where the Terrapin drives a train and destroys the opponent’s mascot which is of course a train so it’s a bit nonsensical. No more nonsensical than eating a formerly living mascot made out of Pop-Tart I suppose but then again college sports are weird.

Who: #1 Purdue (12-1 / 1-1) vs. Maryland (9-4 / 1-1)

When: 7 p.m. ET

Where: College Park, Maryland XFinity Center (17,950)

Streaming: Peacock (Paul Burmeister, Tre Demps)

Radio: Purdue Global Radio Network (Rob Blackman, Bobby Riddell)

This one is available exclusively on Peacock so if you don’t have the streaming service make sure to join us in the open thread to see Purdue take on the Terrapins who have struggled this year but may have found themselves a bit here lately.

Join us in the open thread to discuss all things Purdue vs. Maryland.