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Purdue Non-Con Tracker: Frosty Season

The weather is getting frosty but some non-con opponents are heating up.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quad Chart

Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quad 1 1-30 1-50 1-75
Quad 2 31-75 51-100 76-135
Quad 3 76-160 101-200 136-240
Quad 4 161+ 201+ 241+

Samford Bulldogs
NET: 74
KenPom: 81
Quad-2 Win
Since last update: W vs UNC Greensboro, W vs VMI, W at Western Carolina

Morehead State Eagles
NET: 120
KenPom: 131
Quad-3 Win
Since last update: W at Eastern Illinois, L at SIUE

Xavier Musketeers
NET: 38
KenPom: 28
Quad-2 Win
Since last update: L vs #4 UConn, W at Providence, W vs Butler

#11 Gonzaga Bulldogs (N)
NET: 47
KenPom: 25
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: L at Santa Clara

#7 Tennessee Volunteers (N)
NET: 6
KenPom: 4
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: L at Mississippi St, W at Georgia, W vs Florida

#4 Marquette Golden Eagles (N)
NET: 17
KenPom: 18
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: L vs Butler, W vs Villanova

Texas Southern Tigers
NET: 309
KenPom: 281
Quad-4 Win
Since last update: W at Grambling St, L vs Arkansas Pine Bluff, W vs Mississippi Valley St

Alabama Crimson Tide (N)
NET: 5
KenPom: 7
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: W vs South Carolina, W at Mississippi St, W vs Missouri

#1 Arizona Wildcats (N)
NET: 2
KenPom: 3
Quad-1 Win
Since last update: L at Washington St

Jacksonville Dolphins
NET: 305
KenPom: 296
Quad-4 Win
Since last update: L at North Florida

Eastern Kentucky Colonels
NET: 229
KenPom: 200
Quad-4 Win
Since Purdue game: W at Central Arkansas, W at North Alabama

Conference Tracker:

Conference Tracker

Date Opponent NET KenPom Result Quad
Date Opponent NET KenPom Result Quad
1-Dec At Northwestern 56 47 L 1
4-Dec Iowa 67 57 W 2
2-Jan At Maryland 74 52 W 1
5-Jan Illinois 12 8 W 1
9-Jan At Nebraska 49 40 L 1
13-Jan Penn State 99 93 W 3
16-Jan At Indiana 101 98 W 2
20-Jan At Iowa 67 57 W 1
23-Jan Michigan 118 104 W 3
28-Jan At Rutgers 89 83 W 2
31-Jan Northwestern 56 47 W 2
4-Feb At Wisconsin 21 19 W 1
10-Feb Indiana 100 98 W 3
15-Feb Minnesota 77 67 W 3
18-Feb At Ohio State 64 62 L 1
22-Feb Rutgers 89 83 - 3
25-Feb At Michigan 118 104 - 2
2-Mar Michigan State 20 15 - 1
5-Mar At Illinois 12 8 - 1
10-Mar Wisconsin 21 19 - 1

There has been a lot of movement by non-conference teams as the NET rankings are finally getting to their stabilizing point. A few teams to keep an eye on are Samford, Xavier, and Gonzaga. Samford actually moved up into Q2 range in the NET but could just as easily drop back down below 75. Xavier, now entrenched in Big East play is also moving up the NET rankings and could be a Q1 win for the Boilermakers by end of season. Gonzaga, on the other hand, has really struggled since leaving Hawaii. They are 11-5 overall in a non-dominant WCC and they are sitting on the cusp of becoming a Q2 win for Purdue. Also, oddly enough, Purdue’s win in Assembly Hall was actually only a Q2 win. Purdue will continue to have plenty of chances at quality wins, and they have been making the most of those opportunities so far. 11 Q1/Q2 wins are 3 better than anyone else in the nation (Wisconsin is alone with 8) and 6 Q1 wins is tops overall too. At this point, Purdue’s resume is good enough for anyone and they just need to avoid the ‘bad loss’. As it stands, Purdue could avoid a bad loss by beating Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, and Rutgers in Mackey. Every other game is a Q1 or Q2. Just keep winning though.