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#2 Purdue at IU - Open Thread and How to Watch

Will Purdue come away with a win in Bloomington?

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Whether we like it or not we’ve got to face facts. Purdue has lost three of their last four against the Indiana Hoosiers and that includes the last two games in Bloomington. You truly do hate to see it. The Hoosiers have had Purdue’s number and it’s been difficult to watch. Well, tonight Purdue has a chance to change all that and get back to their winning ways against the Hoosiers. While Purdue may have lost three of their last four against the Hoosiers they are still winners of seven of the last ten.

Who: #2 Purdue 15-2 (4-2) vs. Indiana 12-5 (4-2)

When: 7 p.m. ET

Where: Assembly Hall - Capacity (17,222)

Streaming: Peacock (Noah Eagle, Robbie Hummel, Caroline Pineda)

Radio: Purdue Global Radio Network (Rob Blackman, Bobby Riddell)

Overall Purdue holds a 125-92 record over the Hoosiers. Tonight gives Purdue a chance to add 126 but also to move forward and stay in a Big Ten race that sees Wisconsin still having not lost a game. Join us in the open thread below and let us know your thoughts throughout this one. Ryan will be in attendance for us and will have the post-game up for you later tonight.