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Women’s Basketball: Purdue Struggles To Find Identity After Another Loss

With post-season chances slipping away, Boilers needs to work on building for the future

NCAA Womens Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Purdue women’s basketball team took another brutal loss on Sunday to Maryland. The Boilers turned it over 19 times helping the Terps to a 22-point victory.

I pointed out last week that I feel like this team lacks any real identity. They don’t take care of the basketball allowing teams to score in transition easily; right now, they are averaging almost 16 turnovers a game. They lack any real urgency and are being outworked on the floor. Abbey Ellis is the leading scoring with 14.3 points and Jeana Terry leads the team rebounds 6.9 and assists 5.8, Madison layden can hit some clutch shots from the 3 but they are still lacking that killer instinct mentality.

After getting into the tournament last year for the first time since 2017, this team is just not passing the eye test to me. Their two wins in conference so far are Wisconsin and Rutgers, both teams who are at the bottom of the B1G. And they almost blew that Rutgers game after having a 21-point lead. They do have 9 wins on the season, but most are to some cupcake non-conference opponents and have a 43-point loss to UCLA, 37-point loss to Notre Dame, 25-point loss to Iowa, and recently the 22-point loss to Maryland on their resume.

Looking ahead it doesn’t get easier as they have to face off against Indiana twice, Ohio State, and Nebraska twice. They may be able to steal some wins against Illinois, Northwestern and Michigan State but it’s going to take more than that if they want any post-season hopes. Maryland and Minnesota are both bubble teams as of right now that beat us; so where do we go from here?

Like I said, I don’t think this team has it but there are areas to work upon to help shape the culture. Turnovers being a big issue. You just aren’t going to win games when you turn the ball as much as they do and teams are averaging 15 points just off forced turnovers against Purdue. Another key area is rebounding and defense, the Boilers have been beat on the glass in their past two games. Just by playing smart and outworking your opponent will keep you in a lot of these games.

Teri Moren got the IU women’s team back into the tournament in 2 years after a 14 year drought and by 2021 she had them in the Elite 8. Rome wasn’t built in a day and us Purdue fans are patient about waiting for results. I’m not writing off Gerald’s by any means and I’m still excited about some incoming recruits; that being said, I’d like us to at least be competitive in some of these big matchups and making the NCAA tournament consistently again.