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Boiler Alert Podcast - What to Know about IU

Plus we look at the NFL playoffs and see how our favorite Boilermakers have done.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan is back with me on this episode of the Boiler Alert podcast. No surprise that he finds the time after a Purdue win but couldn’t make it on after Purdue lost to Nebraska. I just think that’s convenient is all.

On this episode Ryan and I talk the production of Boilers in the NFL playoffs as well as the latest commitment for Ryan Walters and his defense. Not all playoff games were completed by the time we recorded but hey what can you do?

Then, we go over the victory at Penn State and the dominant performance of Zach Edey. Can anyone name the non-Purdue player to have a 30-20 game since 2010-2011? I had to Google it and even then I wasn’t sure I was right.

Then finally, we take a long look at the Hoosiers and let you all know that yes this game is on Peacock, and yes Ryan will be in attendance. Take both of those pieces of news as facts and do with them what you will. Give us a listen, rate, review, and subscribe to keep hearing our dulcet tones in your ears each and every week.