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Purdue Basketball: Indiana Preview

Purdue travels to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall looking to further assert in-state dominance.

NCAA Basketball: Florida Gulf Coast at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana University Bloomington


Big 10: 4-2

Overall: 12-5

KenPom: 91

Basic Information

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Type of School: Public University

Mascot: Dus T. Banners

Head Coach - Mike Woodson

Seasons at Indiana (including current season): 3

Other Head Coaching Jobs:

Atlanta Hawks: 2004-2010

New York Knicks: 2012-2014

Career College Record: 56-31

Regular Season Conference Championships: 0

Conference Tournament Championships: 0

NCAA Appearances: 2 (2-2)

Final 4 Appearances: 0

Kenpom Style of Play

() = National Ranking per Kenpom


Adj. Efficiency: 1078.3 (119)

Avg. Poss. Length: 16.8 (121)


Adj. Efficiency: 99.5 (71)

Avg. Poss. Length: 17.4 (204)


Adj. Tempo: 70.1 (89)

Kenpom 4 Factors

() = National Ranking per Kenpom


Effective FG%: 47.8 (88)

Turnover %: 16.8 (237)

Off. Reb. %: 30.7 (233)

FTA/FGA: 28.9 (98)


Effective FG%: 47.8 (88)

Turnover %: 16.8 (237)

Off. Reb. %: 30.7 (233)

FTA/FGA: 28.9 (98)


Indiana Starters

Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team(s) Minutes Points Rebounds Assists Steal Block
Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team(s) Minutes Points Rebounds Assists Steal Block
Point Guard 2 Gabe Cupps Fr. 6'2" 175 N/A 22 2.7 2 1.4 0.7 0
Shooting Guard 32 Trey Galloway Sr. 6'5" 205 N/A 33.4 11.1 2.6 3.9 1.2 2
Small Forward 21 Mackenzi Mgbako Fr. 6'8" 217 N/A 24.7 10.9 4.2 1.4 0.4 0.2
Power Forward 5 Malik Reneau So. 6'9" 233 N/A 29.3 16.4 6.2 2.7 0.4 0.7
Center 1 Kel'el Ware So. 7'0" 242 Oregon 31.2 14.8 9.1 1.7 0.7 1.6

Indiana Bench

Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team(s) Minutes Points Rebounds Assists Steal Block
Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team(s) Minutes Points Rebounds Assists Steal Block
Point Guard 0 Xavier Johnson Sr. 6'3" 200 Pitt 23.6 8.5 2 2.3 1 0.3
Shooting Guard 11 CJ Gunn So. 6'6" 198 13.4 3.5 2 0.2 1.2 2
Power Forward 4 Anthony Walker Sr. 6'8" 215 Miami 15.5 6.9 3.2 0.8 0.2 0.4
Center 24 Payton Sparks Jr. 6'10" 258 Ball State 8.3 2.7 2.5 0.3 0.3 0.5

Indiana on Offense

Mike Woodson leans on his pro background when devising the Hoosiers’ offensive game plan. It’s all about finding a matchup he likes and attacking it until the defense does something to stop it.

NBA coaches are nothing if not predictable. Last season, Woody exploited Zach Edey’s drop coverage in both games and ran the Hoosier offense from the spot Purdue chooses to leave open: namely the free-throw line.

Former Hoosier and current Los Angeles Laker Jordan Hood-Schifino tortured Purdue by pulling up short of the rim and either drilling an 8-10 foot floater or kicking out to waiting shooters. Purdue tried everything to stop this action, including trapping Hood-Schifino off the pick and roll in the first game.

Nothing worked.

The precocious freshman put up 16 points on 8-15 shooting at Assembly Hall in the Hoosiers’ first win over the Boilermakers. He followed that by going straight Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on Purdue against Purdue in Mackey. Ripping out Boilermaker hearts and taking a bite on his way to a career-high 35 points on 14-24 shooting. Woodson found something he liked in his first game against Purdue and then ran it to death in the second game. The Hoosiers won both.

I anticipate Woodson trying the same thing tomorrow. Purdue still plays the same drop coverage with Edey and still begs teams to pull up and hit mid-range jumpers. Last season the Hoosiers had the perfect player to exploit the hole in the Boilermaker defense. This season Indiana doesn’t have one player that can hurt Purdue like JHS, but they have a couple of guys that are going to try and exploit the same matchup.

When Zach stays low in drop coverage in the high pick and roll, look for Indiana to pull up short and run their offense from the free-throw line. If Zach steps up, look for the Hoosiers to throw over the top with a lob to the roll man. Indiana may not be the most skilled team in the nation this season, but they’ve got multiple guys that can go up and get it at the rim. Purdue’s weak-side defense was frequently caught watching the lob instead of defending it.

Indiana on Defense

When you play Purdue, it’s all about playing Zach Edey in the post. Last season, the Hoosiers let Trace Jackson-Davis play behind Edey and flashed multiple top side defenders at him. I’ll have a film post up on this later today.

When Purdue ran the high pick and roll with Edey and Smith, they would invite Smith down the lane and make him finish over TJD. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t, but unlike other coaches, Woodson didn’t overcommit resources to the lane and leave wide-open shooters around the perimeter. They wanted to make Smith finish at the rim as often as possible. They were happy with Smith attempting a contested layup over TJD as opposed to an Edey post touch or an open Purdue 3.

In order to slow Zach down on the pick and roll, the Hoosiers would constantly bump him while he was rolling to throw off the timing (more on that in the upcoming film piece) of the roll. Smith would get to the basket, and Zach would be a step or two behind where he would normally be, and it bothered Braden in both games. He had 4 points on 1-8 shooting in the first loss and 6 points on 2 of 12 shooting in the Mackey loss.

The good news is Zach cleaned up a good number of those misses on the way to 10 offensive rebounds in Bloomington and 8 in Mackey. Disrupting the pick and roll puts Smith in a bind, but it also put Zach in the perfect position to clean up the boards. Sometimes it’s pick your poison against Purdue, and Indiana was willing to live and die with Edey on the offensive boards if it meant shutting down Smith at the bucket.

Indiana decided to let Zach play down low, try and force turnovers on the entry pass, and shut down everyone else. In Bloomington, Zach had 33, Loyer had 12, and no one else cracked double digits. Indiana won the game 79-74. In the second matchup, Edey had 26 points, Loyer had 14, and no one else cracked double digits. Purdue lost 79-71.

Indiana’s defense made Purdue one-dimensional last season and then went after Zach on the defensive end in the pick and roll. I expect something similar this season.

Matchup to Watch

Reneau, Galloway and Mgbako vs Purdue’s Pick and Roll Defense

As I mentioned above, I don’t think the Hoosiers have one guy capable of carving up the Boilermakers like JHS did last season. They do, however, have three guys that could potentially give Zach an issue playing drop coverage.

I expect the Hoosiers to constantly roll Ware to the rim and attack Edey’s drop coverage with their wings. Galloway, in particular, concerns me because he’s the guy capable of pulling up and hitting the midrange jumpers and floaters that tormented Zach last season. He’s not nearly the all-around player that JHS is, but he’s skilled enough to pull up over Smith and Jones and drive Loyer.

If Purdue contains this action tomorrow night, I don’t see a way forward for the Hoosiers. The good news for Mike Woodson’s squad is Purdue didn’t contain it last season. The bad news is they don’t have JHS, and I’m not sure their Pu-Pu platter of guards and wings can pull off the same game plan this season.




Purdue: 81

Indiana: 70

Confidence: 83%


Purdue: 87

Indiana: 73

KenPom is predicting an 11-point Boilermaker win in Assembly Hall. That’s got to sting the Hoosier pride some. I’m predicting something even more extreme. Woodson will have some success in getting after Edey, but Smith will be the difference in unlocking the offense this season. His willingness to come off the high pick and roll and pull up will give Indiana the same issue Purdue had last season.

Smith flirts with a double/double, Edey puts up 20+, and a third Purdue player (TKR or Gillis for my money) join them in double figures. Purdue rolls in this one, exacting sweet revenge and turning the heat on Mike Woodson’s seat up to 11.