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The Old Gold Show - A Loss to Nebraska - What’s Going on With All These Top Ranked Losses?

Casey has a good idea on why all the supposed top teams keep losing.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime there’s a loss, especially when you’re ranked #1 in the country, it’s a good idea to take a step back and try to learn from it. Learn why it happened. Learn how it happened. Learn how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So that’s what Casey and I do in this episode of The Old Gold Show, part of the Field of 68 network.

Casey has always been the one that has had to convince me about the ceiling of the Purdue teams over these last few years. He’s dragged me kicking and screaming into the belief that Purdue could and would reach the Final Four. Now, this year I seem to maybe be the one dragging him. Yes, losing stinks, but we saw what this team is capable of in Hawaii, in Indianapolis against Arizona, and for roughly 32 minutes against Illinois. This is a team that can absolutely crush anyone that steps on the court with them. So why have they lost two road games already in Big Ten play?

Plus, why are so many top ranked teams getting beat? Has the talent gap narrowed that drastically? Does Covid and the 6th year play a factor? Casey has some thoughts. Also, I’m doing everything I can to find a way to eat my weight in cookies. Weigh in and let us know if you’ve got an idea for a season long bet Casey and I can make.