Basketball Recruiting

Travis Perry

247 says he was on campus for an official on September 2nd - obviously no commitment from that anyone have news?

Gicarri Harris

247 shows a pending visit on 9/15 - next Friday - it’s a visit after a long string of other visits - here is hoping we can close the deal!

Trent Burns

He is taking visits elsewhere thru 10/7. Interest in this seven footer has spiked. We were early but the battle could be getting tough. Big Men thrive at Purdue.

Pretty sure we can’t take a six man class but any of these guys added to our current 2024 class keeps the recruiting train rolling. If anyone knows anything about the Perry visit please share. Things are coming to a conclusion in the next sixty days for all of these recruits — let’s make 2024 special. That final four is coming. Hoping these guys get there!

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