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Boiler Alert Podcast - FresOHNO

Ryan and I dissect the loss to the Bulldogs.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast is out now and we get into it! Before we get deep into discussions about the offense, the defense, special teams, and the coaches, I had an opportunity to ask Ryan about the updates to the stadium and what he thought. With this being the first game in the 100th season of Ross-Ade Stadium and the first game with the new south end zone and the (nearly) complete Tiller Tunnel I thought it was worth asking how the stadium looked.

Then, with the pleasantries out of the way we get deep into the game. I had no idea my podcast co-host played center in high school but I imagine the coaching staff knew and was having him warm up in the press box given the dire situation at center. How much did the injuries on offense impact what we say? If Purdue had healthy tight ends, a healthy center, or even a healthy backup center would it have changed the complexion of the game?

What did we think of the first game in a Boilermaker uniform for Hudson Card?

What was up with accepted that penalty to give Fresno State an additional opportunity to pick up a 1st down?

What did we think of the receiving corps, and who let us down? Same question in the secondary.

Give us a listen on Apple or Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to tune in later in the week for the second episode of Boiler Up Down South (BUDS) part of the Boiler Alert network where Drew and Garrett will break down the X’s and O’s from Fresno State.