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Purdue vs. Illinois - Open Thread

Can the Boilermakers find a way to defeat the Illini?

Wisconsin v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Today is Homecoming for Purdue fans. The day when alumni return to campus and notice that the streets are two ways now and that hey, that’s a new building. The day when old college friends from across the country reunite once more and talk about jobs, and kids, and spouses, and all the little things in life that make it truly worth living. Then, they go to an intramural field and get drunk at 11:00 AM. Because it is after all, a football game day! For those who are able to attend today and meet up with old friends I hope you have a blast.

Today is also the day of the dedication of the Tiller Tunnel. Joe Tiller is of course Purdue’s former head coach who returned the team to prominence after some very down years. Purdue football’s identity changed entirely thanks to Cowboy Joe from Wyoming. There are so many great memories to share about Tiller’s time at Purdue but whatever story I tell won’t do it justice. Instead I’ll share the wonderful video that was put out last night. I encourage you to watch it.

Today is also a homecoming of another sort as head coach Ryan Walters is going up against his previous employer in Illinois. There’s a lot to discuss today so I’m going to open up the live thread a bit early today. Follow along in the comments and as always, thanks for joining us.

Kickoff: 3:30

TV: Peacock

For those who will be watching at home remember the game is exclusively on Peacock. If you aren’t a subscriber here’s info on how to get the Big Ten Alumni deal for one year. Don’t forget you’ll need Peacock for next week’s game as well as for any number of Purdue basketball games this year. This may be worth checking out. Hammer and Rails receives no money from Peacock for this but just wanted to make you all aware of the deal.