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B.U.D.S. Talk Illinois

Win? Loss? Tie? Open an ancient portal to another dimension? B.U.D.S. has no idea how this game is going to play out, but are sick enough to watch.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The Boiler Up Down South crew talk Illinois, and possibly get distracted by other stuff. This is a potential chaos game, where both teams take turns shooting themselves in the foot. Someone is going to get credit for winning this game, it may as well be Purdue!

Things Possibly Discussed

Illinois Defensive Ends

Frustration, Penalties, Frustration, Penalties

Doppelganger Football

Leaky Secondaries?

Toledo! The Rockets’ place in Purdue history.

Turnovers - 4 Interceptions in one game?

Things Possibly Not Discussed

Best turf grass for a Midwestern winter

Favorite shades of the color black

Ryan Walters push-up challenge

Favorite dear chili recipe

Things Definitely Not Discussed

The noises I make when I stand up

The name of Garrett’s mustache