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Preview of the Opponent: Illinois

Can Purdue get their first home win of the season this week?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 2-4, 0-1

Win over Toledo in game 1 and FL Atlantic in game 4. Losses to Kansas and Penn State

Stat Leaders:

Luke Altmyer: Quarterback: 874 PYDS: 4 PTD: 3 RTD

Reggie Love: Running back: 248 RYD

Isaiah Williams: Reciever: 333 RECYDS

Xavier Scott: 28 Tackles

Jer’zhan Newton: 2 sacks

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Purdue is now four games in and has yet to win a game at Ross-Ade. It’s been a struggle to start the season but with a new coaching staff and some big holes in the roster I think that was to be expected. Did I think we’d be 1-3 right now a month ago? Not exactly. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to still turn it around and the Boilers get another chance to pick up a win at home this week against the Illini.

This game feels big for a number of reasons; for starters the Illini have kind of become a rivalry in recent years, maybe not to the likes of IU but there is definitely some hatred between the fanbases. Additionally, the fact that Walters was their former DC just adds some fuel to that flame.

Purdue is also in desperate need of a win. The student section is still selling out supporting this team and the excitement is still there, you hate to see that start to die away. Also for the players and coaching staff; a win and a boost of confidence can do wonders for morale. I don’t know if we will reach the coveted 6 wins this season but we’ve got to start winning the ones we can and this one is doable.

Illinois also hasn’t had the greatest start this season but they’ve played a tough schedule between Kansas and Penn State. They also were a miracle fourth down conversion away against Toledo in the season opener from being 0-3 going into week 4.

Illinois has struggled on offense, turning the ball over and costly penalties which bodes well for Purdue considering we are still trying to figure out our defense. They are currently #83 on offense with 22.3 points per game while their defense is ranked #73 on 27.3 points allowed. They’re allowing teams to convert on 46% of third downs.

Much like Illinois, costly penalties and the turnovers doesn’t help anything when are trying to get some wins. I doubt they figured out all the answers in the last week but Purdue needs to play smart football and grab this win any way they can. A rivalry type feeling where old coaching friends become foes for a couple hours and each team feeling like they have something to prove has the making to be a great game.