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Boiler Alert Podcast - Big Ten Recap and Wisconsin Loss

How did the rest of the Big Ten look?

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Northwestern
A big comeback for Northwestern.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

If it’s Monday it means there is a brand new episode of the Boiler Alert podcast. This week we are rehashing the Friday night loss to Wisconsin. Yes, again. That makes it 17 losses in a row and dates back to Purdue’s last win in 2003. Oof. Honestly though, I felt a lot better after this conversation with Ryan. He had some good things to say about what Purdue did in the second half against the Badgers.

Before we get into all of that though we take a look around the Big Ten including multiple overtime games and a last second victory by Ohio State. Find out what Notre Dame did wrong in the final minutes of that game against the Buckeyes.

We also talk about this big football news of the week. That’s right, Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game. What more could you want covered?