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44 Days to Purdue Basketball: William Berg

The redshirt freshman will find playing time at a premium but has Purdue hit on another diamond in the rough?

There are just 44 days left until the Purdue Boilermakers tip off the 2023/2024 season which will be the most anticipated in program history. Let’s take a look at Purdue’s big man from Sweden William Berg who is coming off a redshirt season where he struggled with some injuries that prevented a bit of his growth as a freshman.

Berg is a very interesting prospect who is a player that can step outside at 7’2 and be a legitimate threat there to stretch the defense beyond the three point line. Berg has always been an intriguing prospect and the idea that he will once again be able to go against one of the most dominant college players over the last thirty years along with a varying amount of other post players should help his development immensely and prepare him to take a bigger role in the coming years. Berg will likely not be the dominant inside scorer that we have seen from Edey and Haas and we aren’t sure of the kind of defender he will be until we see him on the floor in a meaningful game, but the prospects for growth into a very good player is there.

More than likely Berg will not see more than an average of 2 to 3 minutes of playing time per game with Edey, Furst, and Kaufman-Renn all having the ability to play as a high level center on both ends of the floor. If he can show well in those limited minutes along with staying healthy and growing more off the floor, Berg will find a role in 2024.