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Purdue Fans React - Wisconsin Week Edition

Sure, the game is over, but we just got results!

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The game against Wisconsin is over and the results of the fan survey have now come out. We were hoping to get these out before kickoff tonight but hey, putting the Purdue game on a Friday night really threw everything off by a day. That’s alright, there’s still lots of good info here. Just a reminder that these survey results are based on the answers from the fanbase. Keep in mind this survey was completed prior to the Wisconsin game. Let’s see what everyone thinks shall we?

These results just show you how far confidence in this team has fallen. Taking a look back at previous weeks, prior to week one, 79% of fans thought Purdue would reach bowl eligibility. After the loss to Fresno State, that number dropped all the way to 35%. Following the victory over Virginia Tech confidence rebounded a bit with 54% believing Purdue can reach six or more wins and become bowl eligible. Now, after losing to Syracuse, and looking rather bad doing it, just 17% of Purdue fans believe the team will win six or more games to reach bowl eligibility. I expect this number to crater in the next edition of the survey.

Well, this one has a definitive answer now with Purdue just losing to Wisconsin about one hour ago. 23% of you believed in Purdue and unfortunately were not rewarded.

And finally, the game ball overwhelmingly went to Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen in the loss to Syracuse. It was undoubtedly the best game of his career and hopefully his emergence as a reliable WR for this Boilemaker offense.

Thanks to everyone who particpated. We will have more questions for you early next week.

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