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Purdue vs. Wisconsin - Open Thread

Can Purdue beat Wisconsin for the first time in 20 years?

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I’m still struggling with the fact that this game is on a Friday. I’ve basically been a day off all week. Since I knew there was a Purdue game today yesterday felt like Friday. I’m just completely thrown off.

But that’s okay, because now we’ve made it to Friday and we are coming up on the 7:00 PM kickoff time. You’ll be able to join your favorite Hammer and Rails commenters down below as we hope against hope that Purdue can find a way to take down Wisconsin for the first time since 2003.

Purdue sits at 1-2 on the season while Wisconsin is 2-1 thus far. Neither team has impressed so far this year. Each team is breaking in a new coaching staff. Wisconsin has troubles in their secondary. Purdue has trouble in their secondary. These teams are more alike than we care to admit. Is there reason for hope tonight? If so, can Purdue find a way to exploit that Ross-Ade energy and bring home a victory?

Kickoff Time | 7:00 PM ET

TV | FS1