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Purdue vs. Wisconsin - Staff Predictions

Is anyone brave enough to pick the Boilermakers?

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Purdue comes into this game against Wisconsin at 1-2 on the season and that’s not exactly where you want to be. Things don’t get easier going forward as the Big Ten slate is looking incredibly difficult and wins will be hard to come by. Wisconsin of course hasn’t lost to Purdue since 2003. Will this year be the year where Purdue can finally break the streak? See what the staff thinks.

Jumbo Heroes (1-2):

You can tell by my record that I’m a homer. My record matches Purdue’s record and that’s because I’ve picked them to win each game. I really did think they’d win is the thing. I can find some little nugget during game prep and give myself hope for any game. The bowl game against LSU might be the sole exception. This week on the Boiler Alert podcast we talked to the Buckycast and he went and gave me hope.

I don’t expect Purdue to win, I really don’t, but I think maybe they will surprise against a Wisconsin team that isn’t as good as in year’s past. Right now Purdue is a 6 point home dog and while that still feels low to me, after talking to a couple of Badger fans maybe the folks at Draft Kings know more than I think they do so I’ll adjust. I still haven’t seen enough to pick Purdue in this one but I’d love to be writing this article next week and show my record as 1-3 and Purdue’s as 2-2.

Purdue 24

Wisconsin 28

Jed (1-2):

Well, this has been a really dumb 20 year story for the Boilers. Losing to Wisconsin in football has become almost a penciled in portion of the schedule at this point in time and the way Purdue played last week it is hard to find the eraser to make a correction. I think Purdue has the capability if being a good team but it doesn’t have the margin for error that a lot of other programs have. Specifically, it can’t turn the ball over and continue to get stopped on 3rd and 4th down when it’s a short yardage situation.

Wisconsin appears like it is vulnerable but that hasn’t stopped them in years past and I doubt it does this year either.

Purdue 24

Wisconsin 34

Ryan (1-2):

I wasn’t going to do it. I had an L penciled in for Purdue just like the previous 16 games with Wisconsin. I was there for likely the closest matchup in the past 20 years when Purdue took the Badgers to 3OT (should’ve went for 2 for the win). We were so hopeful back then and after last weekend’s debacle of a game, Purdue seems likely to extend the streak another season...

But f*** it, we ball. Purdue uses the Friday Night mojo to break the streak that’s gone on since the week of the Bartman game. The Cubs have since broken their curse and Purdue has to at some point, right? I’ve gone full homer, so there may be no going back now.

Purdue 28

Wisconsin 26

Gabi (1-2):

I feel like this is the type of year where every time we get low and don’t expect much they surprise us. All in all I think we get 4-5 wins but get some big moments that keep us holding on hope… this feels like one of those moments. After dropping two non-con games… at home no less I think the Boilers come out strong and take control of this game early on. Mockobee has his best game yet, they protect the ball and Card throws 3 td passes.

Purdue 27

Wisconsin 20

Chase (1-1):

Fact of the matter is, Wisconsin is the type of team that, if you want to beat, you can’t make mistakes. And so far, mistakes have been a core part of Purdue’s offense.

I have faith in Hudson Card and Graham Harrell to figure out a way to stop turning the ball over… eventually. I’m just not sure this is the week they do it. Mockobee looks ineffective, and the offense will have to put up 35 if they want to win. Give me the Badgers by 10, and hopefully the Boilers will prove me wrong.

Wisconsin 38

Purdue 28

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