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Purdue Men’s Basketball Big Ten Schedule Released

No, I didn’t watch the show.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

In an effort to, I don’t know, get more eyeballs to the Big Ten Network the Men’s Basketball conference slate was released today at noon on a show that was entirely too long, a waste of nearly everyone’s time, and for some reason included Urban Meyer. Noted pizza and basketball enthusiast.

Well, I didn’t watch the release show, and I know you didn’t either so let’s just take a look at what everyone truly cares about shall we? Without further ado, here is Purdue’s 2023-2024 men’s basketball conference schedule.

Now, maybe you’re looking at that and you’re thinking, man that’s hard to read and I’ve gotta click through to that hellsite that is TAFKAT so don’t worry, I’ll share another one that’s a little easier to read and then spell it out for you down below. I just like my articles to look pretty.

Keep in mind times and TV networks are nowhere close to being finalized and announced so please hold your questions on that. Yes, there will be games on Peacock, no I don’t love that either, yes, it’s going to continue this way as long as there’s money to be made.

Here are Purdue’s one play opponents and where they play them:

  • Maryland on the road
  • Nebraska on the road
  • Penn State at home
  • Minnesota at home
  • Ohio State on the road
  • Michigan State at home

The rest of the conference Purdue will play twice. It’s a bit of a mixed bag here for the Boilermakers. Michigan State is slated to be very good this season so being able to play them just once, and at home no less, is a huge advantage (remember, Purdue only won the Big Ten last year because their schedule was so easy! /s). Playing Maryland only once is good as well but that game will be on the road. It is unfortunate that Purdue only gets Minnesota once next year as they were one of the absolute worst teams in the conference. Ohio State on the road is never easy as these two teams have played close games of late with multiple buzzer beaters. Playing Nebraska and Penn State just once each I’ll hold my judgment on because I just think we need to know more about who they will be this season. Penn State obviously lost a lot of good players as well as their coach in the offseason. Jury is still out on them. For Nebraska you just never know what they are gonna do lately. Plus, they’ve got Tominaga who seems to give Purdue fits.

Overall I don’t think there’s too much to complain about here. Plus, you just never know how the conference will shake out this early in the year. The Purdue vs. Michigan State matchup could be a game that goes a long way in determining who wins the Big Ten next season.

What are your thoughts?