TKR at the Four

For those that are clamoring for more basketball (and who amongst us aren't right now)...

A recently posted article talks about one of the adjustments that CMP will be playing with this fall. I have heard murmurs about TKR playing with Edey since sometime around mid-June... at the four, and people complaining that he would just be clogging the lane, since historically he has been used as Zach's backup...

Personally, I felt that this view was selling TKR short on his abilities... that it was more likely that the goal would be to have him play as a traditional four. Last season, the trainers wanted to add bulk to make him more like Zach, for the times that he needed a rest. To me, the added weight did not seem natural, it seemed to slow him down and took away some of his natural athleticism. He seems to have great fundamentals and is universally applauded for the quality of his foot work... This year, they appear to be getting him lighter again.

In all of the potential line-up conversations, I am not sure I have seen anyone suggest the one(s) that I felt made the most sense...

I think we need three different lineups starters in bold. I would love to see a completely different look either after the first or second media timeout... depending on how effective the starters are that evening.

First for the traditional (P5/B1G) opponent: PG/SG/SF/PF/C

  1. Smith (30), Jones (10)
  2. Loyer (24), Colvin (16)
  3. Heide (20), Waddell (20)
  4. TKR (24). Gillis/Furst (16)
  5. Edey (32), Furst/Berg (8)

Next an alternate lineup for those NW/MD types... the "all hands" or "press breaker" squad: PG/CG/SF/PF/C

  1. Smith (30), Jones (10)
  2. Jones (10), Loyer (20), Colvin (10)
  3. Heide (20), Colvin (10), Morton (10)
  4. TKR (24), Gillis/Furst (16)
  5. Edey (32), Furst/Berg (8)
And finally, a lineup for the FDU types: PG/CG/CG/SF/PF
  1. Smith (32), Jones (8)
  2. Jones (24), Loyer (12), Colvin (4)
  3. Colvin (18), Loyer (12), Waddell (12)
  4. TKR (8), Heide (20),Gillis (12),
  5. Edey (8), Furst(20), TKR(12)

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