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Purdue Reacts - Week 3 Edition

Are Purdue fans more or less confident that this team makes a bowl game?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The results from the Purdue fan survey are in! This week there were some new questions but of course the question of how many games Purdue will win remains. Now, I know it’s bad polling etiquette and will perhaps change the trajectory of the results, but that’s okay because I took the advice of the commenters and changed the choices for win total. This allows fans to choose the entire gamut of win totals while still allowing me to compare how many folks believe Purdue can reach a bowl game. So, without further ado let’s see what you all think shall we?

Prior to week one, 79% of fans thought Purdue would reach bowl eligibility. Last week, that number dropped all the way to 35%. Following the victory over Virginia Tech confidence has rebounded a bit with 54% believing Purdue can reach six or more wins and become bowl eligible.

I know in previous editions of the survey people asked for a question about Ross-Ade but rather than ask for specific areas that they liked I thought asking generally if fans thought the renovations improved the stadium would be better. Overall, 95% of fans believe the renovations have made the stadium better. I hope the 5% who don’t are students who hate their new end zone seats.

Purdue fans are just as confident as Syracuse fans as 77% of you are predicting a victory over the Orange tomorrow evening. That seems pretty high, but then again at least 54% believe this team will be bowl eligible and if that’s the case tomorrow seems like a must win.

Finally, the game ball for last week goes to Devin Mockobee. This one was close with Scourton coming up just 3% behind Mockobee. It’s a nice pattern of offense then defense and on and on down the line here. Purdue has plenty of emerging talent that could be up on this list in no time.

So there you have it. What do you think of the results and should I add the game ball question to each week’s survey? If you have specific questions you’d like to see asked put them in the comments and I’ll consider them.

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