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BUDS Talk Syracuse

What to expect in tomorrow’s game.

Western Michigan v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The BUDS are back to walk you through everything you need to know about tomorrow’s Syracuse game. Drew and Garrett give you a breakdown of both the offense and the defense that Purdue will see tomorrow. They talk about what they’ve seen from the Orange so far this year as well as what you can expect against Purdue. It makes sense that the Orange might have shown a little less so far this year through their first two games against the cakey of cupcake schedules to begin the year.

Does the depth at QB on Syracuse allow them to be a little more reckless with their playcalling? Plus, Garrett talks about his connection to the Syracuse QB.

Give us a listen, give us a like, give us a review. Enjoy the dulcet tones of these two fine gentleman as we ease into the weekend and prepare to take on the Orange tomorrow night.