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Boiler Alert Meets Syracuse - May I Offer You an Orange in This Trying Time?

We are joined by the folks at the Disloyal Idiots podcast.

Orange tree in Portugal Photo by Viola Lopes/picture alliance via Getty Images

Ryan and I are joined by two idiots on this week’s podcast. Disloyal ones at that. No, it’s okay, I’m not being mean. No, really I swear. It’s the name of their podcast! Though not that I’ve mentioned it...Just kidding. These guys were a lot of fun to talk to, we just happen to have a disagreement about what is going to happen in this Purdue vs. Syracuse game. And oh my do we disagree.

For those that are regulars on the site this is a discussion with the same writer from our SB Nation brethren at Nunes Magician who seems to think that Syracuse will win by 18 points and oh my goodness that’s bold. I think Purdue is going to win but certainly not by 18. So, let’s listen to this guy defend himself. I try to push back and be respectful. I think it was a fun listen. We veer into everything from Sickos, to punting, to Ahsoka, to conference realignment and expansion. Give it a listen and share with all of your friends.